We believe that the best way to understand the contemporary world, which is increasingly driven by change, is by asking the right questions. Understanding and interacting with the complexities of the context that surrounds us.

To accomplish this, we created the BrandAsset Index, a discussion site designed by Design Bridge and Partners in collaboration with WPP, where we bring together key stakeholders: clients, society, and academics with the group’s operations and agencies staff, for a broader and deeper discussion about the role of brands in today’s world.

Now more than ever, companies and brands need to understand themselves, their consumers, their users, their competitors, and the forces that operate and are operated by them, in their local and global markets.

BrandAsset Index is WPP’s umbrella brand that was established with the objective of catalyzing the studies carried out by the Group’s different operations, as well as the ones arising from partnerships between WPP and other entities.

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    The Brand Asset Valuator

    These studies are driven by the BAV engine, Brand Asset Valuator®, one of our analytics-based tools and the largest and most important empirical brand study in the world. Our studies present panoramas on how brands react to broad cultural changes, which are reflections of the evolution of social, political, economic, legal and environmental scenarios, known to be in constant transformation. That is why we say that, although it is possible to evaluate each brand’s category, BAV is a category-agnostic study, increasingly permeating culture.

    For 30 years, BAV collected 12 billion consumer data about more than 60,000 brands, in 50 countries around the world, evaluating 75 different metrics, building connections with the brands’ financial performance. In Brazil, this data is updated annually and, in the most recent one – the period referring to the second half of 2022 – we collected insights from more than 16,000 respondents. More than 1,600 brands were evaluated.

    About the 2023 edition

    In 2023, WPP, Design Bridge and Partners and TM20, with the support of TradeMap and in partnership with IstoÉ Dinheiro, present the 20th edition of Brazil Most Valuable Brands study. And, in this year, when the study completes 20 years, in addition to the already known rankings for the Most Valuable Brands and Strongest Brands, the edition also features the launch of a new ranking: Design Driven Brands, which points out the brands that build value through strategic design.